Pinebank’s All Decked Out


Bda Can Ch MOTCH SR Pinebank’s All Decked Out WCX
RN Am Can JH Am Bda CDX


Decker, is third generation of my breeding, dam: Can Bda Ch OTCh Pinebank’s Sassy Girl WCX Am Can JH Am WC Am UD Bda CDX ASCA CD and Sire Ch Springfield Highcaliber Valour WCX CD born June 23, 1994. I chose Decker out of 10 pups for her conformation and her attitude. Decker has always been a fun dog to work with and Obedience Work was a game for Decker, she always gave you her best effort. Marie Sawford describes Decker as “ the Labrador who makes you want to have a lab.”

Decker is a food hound so training her is very easy and she loves life. She has been my number 1 calendar girl for the Brown Trout Yellow Lab calendars. She has been on the cover by herself and has been a cover girl with her daughter Keeper. She had a soft tissue injury of her shoulder but after a 10 month hiatus and careful conditioning she came back and got her UD, then finished her OTCHX with 2 High in Trials and shortly after got her MOTCH.

Some high points in Decker’s Obedience career was the weekend Decker and her daughter Keeper got both High in Trials one day, Decker getting a 199. The first weekend out in 2004 Decker and Keeper had another repeat performance of both getting the High in Trial for the two trials in one day. May 2004 she got her WCX and at the age of 10 her last Novice Rally leg with a score of 100 out of 100. # 9 All Breed Obedience Dog in Canada in 2003, #3 Sporting Dog and #1 Labrador Retriever.At the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada Specialty Decker won the 2004 Versatility Challenge at the age of 10 years old; running in the WCX, winning Veteran Sweeps for 10 years and older and winning the Veteran Obedience.

Decker has had two litters with a total of 11 puppies. She was a great mom and has given me some wonderful pups. Feb. 8, 1999 Decker had 1 male and 6 females after being bred to an American dog Inselheim Inferno At Citadel. Keeper was from this litter. Decker was bred to Am Ch Franklins Pickpocket For Kerrybrook Am MH , the youngest CH/MH in the breed’s history in the US, she had 1 male and 3 females born April 3, 2001. (Pinebank’s Dealer, Canu’s dam was from this litter.)

Decker is a great example of what we are trying to achieve at Pinebank Kennels, beauty, talent, desire and a wonderful temperament.

Decker’s Achievements 

Canadian Rally O Novice: August 12, 2007

LOC Utility: Canadian Utility highest scores

Versatility Award LRRC Specialty June 2004

Working Certificate Excellent: June 5, 2004

2003: #3, Obedience Sporting Dog in Canada

2003: #1, Obedience Labrador Retriever in Canada

2003: #9, All Breed Obedience Dog in Canada

Hamilton Dog Obedience Club: Top Utility Dog 2003

Canadian Master Obedience Trial Champion: Dec. 5, 2003

Canadian Obedience Trial Champion Excellent: July 26, 2003

Cara Rally Novice MCL: April 13, 2003

Canadian Obedience Trial Champion: February 16, 2003

Shur-Gain Biathlon: Top Obedience Dog: Oct.21, 2001

Bermuda Companion Dog Excellent: November 8, 2001

Hamilton Dog Obedience Club: Top Open Dog 2000

Bermuda Championship: November 5, 2000

Bermuda Companion Dog: November 3, 2000

American Junior Hunter: July 16, 2000

NAHRA Started Hunting Retriever June 11, 2000

American Companion Dog Excellent: June 10, 2000

LOC Neville Trophy: Top All Round LOC Labrador

LOC Worthing Trophy: highest Canadian CDX scores

Hamilton Dog Obedience Club: Top Novice Dog 1999

Canadian Companion Dog Excellent: May 16, 1999

LOC Red Dawn Trophy: highest Canadian CD scores with a Ch

LOC Mandalwood Trophy: highest Canadian CD scores 1998

Working Certificate Intermediate: August 27, 1998

Canadian Junior Hunter Leg: May 31, 1998

HIT of HITS: 3rd place in Novice May 10, 1998

AKC CGC: May 10, 1998

Canadian Companion Dog: HIT March 15, 1998 HIT

Novice B scores: 199 ½

American Companion Dog: January 11, 1998.

ASCA CD: HIT September 13, 1997

H.Q.S. earned by a Ch with a WC: October 25, 1997

Working Certificate: Sept. 15, 1996

Canadian Championship: July 31, 1996

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